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Trileaf has spent 30+ years developing industry relationships and deepening expertise on projects across the nation—and through the excellent, client-centric work of our team, we are fortunate to have a strong future trajectory. Anyone with aspirations to grow professionally, with stimulating work and career advancement potential, will be at home at Trileaf. We are the best at what we do, and our teammates are laser-focused on creating a “wow” factor for our clients. We welcome you to join our team, and experience the Trileaf way.


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“I’m fortunate enough to have a manager who supports me, challenges me, encourages me, and trusts me. Thank you for the opportunities for growth that you have provided me.”

Illinois Employee

“We strive for quick turnarounds while executing quality work. We will walk a client through the options and timelines to ensure they thoroughly understand the situation and next steps. We are the environmental company that clients can rely on for our experience and knowledge on environmental policy.”

Jamila Reid President – Environmental and Cultural Resources

“It is absolutely great to be a part of a team where folks look out for each other. I have worked a lot of years and have not experienced anything like this.”

Lee Gorday Trileaf

Consistent, Responsive, and Cost-Effective—these are hallmarks of the Trileaf Experience.

Trileaf has developed expertise in our industry through our work on over 90,000 sites, spanning every state, territory, and province in the United States and Canada. Whatever we encounter on your project, it’s likely we will recognize it.


Our leadership is committed to quality and consistency. We provide a culture of growth at both the individual and team levels and this is encouraged by our leadership at every location. We understand that we are better together at Trileaf. At the end of the day, we know what is good for our team is good for our clients, and also good for business.

T. Scott Muschany

Founder and CEO

William Bates

President – Architecture and Engineering

Jamila Reid

President – Environmental and Cultural Resources

Doug Butler

Executive Vice President – East Region

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