Environmental Due Diligence

Transaction Screen Assessments (TSA)

In cases when a full Phase I ESA is not warranted or desired, a Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA) can still identify Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) in connection with a property.

If you decide a TSA is the appropriate evaluation for your asset, our experienced personnel will conduct an evaluation that meets the requirements of the most current ASTM Standard Practice E1528.

This environmental due diligence process is typically utilized on low-risk projects where a Phase I ESA seems unnecessary and involved parties do not seek Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), or Landowner Liability Protection (LLP). 

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A TSA Includes

  • Site reconnaissance
  • Key personnel interviews/questionnaire
  • Regulatory records review
  • Limited historical research
  • Final report preparation
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“The Trileaf team consistently provides Gold Standard service and products! They are very professional and efficient. The team provides expert attention and detail to their projects and are easy to contact to address any questions or concerns. They are one of our preferred environmental firms.”

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“Working with Howard and Suzanne is great. Both are professional without being stuffy. They delivered everything we needed on a short notice and in less time than promised. We will definitely use Trileaf again. Oh, the price was reasonable and just as discussed, as well.”

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