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We are proud of our efforts to create sensical, cost-effective solutions for both the wireless telecommunications infrastructure and commercial (retail, office, banking, etc) industries. 

On our projects, being proactive means performing adequate jurisdictional due diligence and developing a comprehensive understanding of your objectives as our client.

We employ NCARB architects with experience in the private sector and jurisdictional plan review. Trileaf is licensed in nearly all 50 U.S. states.


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As-Built Site Surveys

“I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation on behalf of our team for the hard work and diligence Trileaf has provided. I know Trileaf did excellent work for me on the Verizon in-building projects, hence the reason I pushed to hire Trileaf for A&E on the AT&T MOD program.”

Jordan Fata Smartlink

“You guys are killing it. I know our industry is often fast paced and competitive, but working with you and your team is a great advantage, and I’m happy to be in a position where I have a reliable team behind me. Thank you for your efforts to meet T-Mobile’s timeline, it does not go unnoticed.”

Tom Jemilo Insite

“Additionally, I would like to thank you for doing an OUTSTANDING job! I’ve heard nothing but glowing remarks from my team on you communication and deliverables.”

Thomas Mitchell Circle K

“One of the biggest things I appreciate is that your team is hitting their forecasts.”

Jason Hadley Smartlink

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing an exceptional job for us – consistently beating their forecasts and maintaining their due-diligence. My team has been announced #1 amongst all other AT&T vendors in the RMR and we will not let that change.”

Jordan Fata Smartlink

Full-time Employees = Expedited Responses

Trileaf employs full-time, in-house permit expeditors to submit permit applications in the manner most convenient to the jurisdiction, and to prompt and track the jurisdictions’ responses.

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As-Built Site Survey

We consistently update our site surveying techniques with the latest technologies. Our capable, full-time professionals conduct over 2,500 site surveys per year.


Trileaf employs full-time, in-house permit expeditors to submit permit applications in the manner most convenient to the jurisdiction.

Architectural Design

Trileaf employs a multi-disciplinary team of full-time architects, engineers, site surveyors, interior designers, and drafters. In our work, we proactively identify challenges before a site reaches construction. We specialize in offering fast, cost-effective turnkey solutions.

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