Phase II ESA

Phase I ESA

Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), purchasing, or even leasing commercial real estate subjects the buyer/lessor to the environmental liability that exists at the property. Implementing proper Due Diligence prior to the purchase or lease, affords clients the legal protection of an "innocent landowner defense." Trileaf performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), ASTM, the industry, and the current legal standard of Due Diligence.

Phase II ESA

When a Phase I ESA identifies a “Recognized Environmental Condition,” many clients choose to complete a further “intrusive” investigation to determine the extent and/or cause of the condition. Trileaf can customize a Phase II ESA to fit exactly your needs and concerns. Trileaf’s professional staff will design a cost effective method to assist you in assessing the risks associated with a property.

Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Inspections

For certain properties, it is wise to add Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Inspections as an additional scope item to a Phase I AAI Report. Also, prior to renovation, demolition or property transactions, asbestos and/or lead-based paint inspections are often required. Asbestos and lead-based paint inspections include review of building plans/specifications, developing a sampling strategy, and collecting and analyzing samples. Asbestos bulk samples are analyzed utilizing a polarized light microscope (PLM) to determine the presence of asbestos. Lead-based paint samples are typically analyzed utilizing X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to determine the presence of lead. Inspection results are tabulated in a format allowing the building owner to take a proactive approach to managing asbestos and/or lead-based paint. As part of Trileaf's comprehensive real estate services, we can provide both asbestos and lead-based paint inspections anywhere.