Our Mission

Trileaf Corporation started 23 years ago with a simple mission:

  • Honor God
  • Develop People
  • Grow Profitably

This is still our mission and guides all of the work that we do and the decisions that we make. We seek to Honor God in the way we deal with our clients, vendors and fellow employees — looking for ways to serve them, communicate openly and honestly with them, and help them. It means doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we will do it, and in a manner that is better than the other person expects.

Developing people is not only the right thing to do for our employees, but the best thing for our clients as well. As individuals grow at Trileaf, they are given more training, more responsibility, and greater input. As the industry leader, it is imperative that our employees continue their professional education, add certifications and continually develop their expertise. Whether someone starts at Trileaf in an entry level position, or in management, our goal is that they consistently grow in both their professional capability, and their personal maturity. To maintain our high standards of service, we not only choose professionals who possess the best skills and experience, but who are continually growing in that expertise and in their commitment to our clients.

Growing profitably is a natural consequence of doing the first two mission objectives well. Trileaf has consistently grown over 23 years from a small regional environmental service provider to a nationwide full service Environmental and Engineering Company with offices from Coast to Coast and with over twenty years of above industry average profitability. Trileaf was named one of the fastest growing privately held firms in America by Inc. Magazine in their annual Inc. 500 publication. As we grow profitably we are better able to serve more clients well and to accommodate the professional growth of our employees.