Scott Muschany
Scott Muschany, President and Co-Founder

Our History

After graduating with an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management, T. Scott Muschany teamed with Geologist and friend Todd Prevette to form Trileaf Corporation (originally named EnvironManagement Services, Inc.) in May of 1993 with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The founders, and sole employees, initially focused the growth of their small company in Iowa and Missouri, performing UST site investigations, Phase I ESAs, and Air Permitting projects. With good service came more clients and the addition of more employees to serve those clients. In 1999, Trileaf was named as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America by Inc Magazine in their annual Inc. 500 publication.

In 1999, Todd Prevette sold his shares of Trileaf to Scott in order to pursue Christian Foreign Mission’s in Africa with his family. Scott Muschany continued as sole owner and President, with what by then was a sizeable staff of able professionals. Trileaf continued to focus their growth on small environmental and engineering projects spread, now, across the country. This focus on large numbers of small projects gave Trileaf an efficiency and expertise unparalleled in the industry and Trileaf’s reputation as Consistent, Responsive, and Cost Effective spread both geographically and across industries. From their St. Louis headquarters, Trileaf established satellite offices from coast to coast. As of 2012, Trileaf has completed work on over 30,000 sites in every state in the US and Canada.

What does the name “Trileaf” mean? We would like to tell you that it has a deep and profound meaning, but the real story is this: our original name, EnvironManagement had a three leaf logo over the “i”. The owners often joked about the mystical significance of the symbol, “leaf one represents….” When we got our first AOL account in 1993, we were, so when it came time to rename the company in 1994 to something that was more memorable and manageable while maintaining as much consistency as possible, the natural choice was Trileaf Corporation.