NEPA Reports

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Reports are generally completed by the wireless industry for cell tower antenna sites. NEPA reports are often required with a Phase 1 ESA prior to the installation of communication tower sites The NEPA report documents the investigative research mandated by NEPA as it relates to the rules and regulations found in the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996. The report results generally enable the Client to determine Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) environmental requirements for antenna registration and construction. The NEPA report is important to the client in identifying potential environmental liabilities when interacting with Federal, State, and local agencies and the general public during the permitting process. The NEPA Report includes investigations of a cell tower's location impact.

NEPA Report Procedure

A NEPA Report is a systematically organized document designed to provide the client with important information regarding environmental liabilities, FCC/FAA registration issues, and local permit requirements as they relate to the antenna location and its construction.

The NEPA Report develops an understanding of the site location in respect to its proximity to Wilderness areas, Wildlife Preserves, Indian religious sites, Historic sites, and flood plains. The site is evaluated as to its potential impact on surface features such as wetland fills and potential water diversion and deforestation issues. Antenna towers are evaluated within the guidelines and specifications authorized by the FCC in relation to radio frequency radiation as well as high intensity lighting for towers proposed to be erected in residential neighborhoods. In addition, the site is evaluated as to its proximity to airports and if additional FAA forms and requirements are required.

In all cases the report will indicate areas of significant environmental impact and potential need for the Client to authorize an Environmental Assessment (EA).

Benefits of NEPA Report Documentation

The NEPA Report site assessment documents the best efforts of all parties to identify the environmental liabilities as prescribed under the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, the National Environmental Policy Act, and Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations. The report represents an authoritative document prepared by experts in their respective fields and assembles all significant environmental data into one place. The report in turn should then allow the client to establish the viability of the project in the stop-go registration and decision making process.

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