Aerial photo of cell tower nest

Aerial-based Evaluations

Trileaf implements an aerial-based approach to performing Migratory Bird Evaluations. Trileaf is proud to announce that we are both FAA 333 Section 333 exempt and FAA Part 107 compliant! Trileaf was granted FAA Section 333 Exemption #13212 and Certificate of Authority (COA) on October 16, 2015. This exemption allowed us to legally utilize Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS); commonly referred to as “Drones”, for commercial purposes prior to Part 107 becoming effective on August 29, 2016. As a fully insured, 333 exempt and Part 107 compliant company, you can rest assured knowing the skills, experience and management to address your drone needs are completely taken care of.

Trileaf’s certified remote pilot will conduct an aerial-based survey to determine the presence or absence of any eggs or flightless (i.e. dependent) young in the nest and where possible identify the bird species utilizing the nest. Photo documentation is obtained utilizing a drone-mounted high definition camera. Upon completion of the evaluation, Trileaf provides a report containing our findings, opinions and conclusions as well as recommendations for any proposed construction, maintenance or modification activities. In addition, our evaluation reports include photographs and inactive nest removal permit (if applicable). Field notes are also available upon request.