Doug Janette

Vice President, Regional Manager, West Region

Douglas A. Janette is the Vice President of Trileaf Corporation’s West Region located in Phoenix, AZ. After growing up in St. Louis, he attended Duke University where he earned a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Doug joined Trileaf in 1999, after working for a large environmental consulting firm where he felt his ideas were never taken into consideration due to the size of the organization and that he worked in a small, remote office. At Trileaf, Doug reported directly to Trileaf’s president, which gives him the opportunity to share his ideas and make a difference – it’s why he enjoys his work.

Doug moved to Phoenix, AZ to open a Trileaf branch office in 2011. He has seen Trileaf grow in size from approximately 15 employees to approximately 200 employees – enjoying every minute of it: the challenges and the successes. His greatest challenge at Trileaf is making sure it is still an organization that can and will allow good ideas to bubble up from anyone within the organization. This is a core value that runs thick through their leadership. He says that they all strive to understand client needs, so that they can proactively offer value-added service whenever possible.

Additionally, Doug says, “They are a thoughtful group of people that I get to work with on a daily basis at Trileaf. I also enjoy working with a range of clients on projects that are both challenging and beneficial to the environment.”  

Doug has a lovely wife, five children, and four dogs and two cats. He enjoys hiking and bike riding in his free time and is passionate about traveling to new places, having new experiences, and tasting new foods. He is involved in the tennis and color guard, parent booster clubs at the high school. He is a wonderful fixture in  the Phoenix community and the Trileaf team. 




  • B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University

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