Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)

Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)

RiskCheck Plus

Trileaf's RiskCheck Plus Makes Compliance Easy

Trileaf's RiskCheck Plus provides the best option for fulfilling SBA's SOP requirement for an environmental Records Search With Risk Assessment (RSRA). The RiskCheck Plus includes a review of 5 different and critical historical environmental sources with a detailed review performed by a Trileaf environmental professional, along with an environmental risk rating for your Property.

RSRA Cost: $350
Delivery: 2-3 business days

RiskCheck Basic

Trileaf’s RiskCheck Basic for Commercial Loan Due Diligence

While the RiskCheck Plus is the best choice for most commercial loans (SBA and non-SBA) the RiskCheck Basic Report is sometimes all that is needed. This Report includes a thorough review of the Federal and State environmental data bases, and a risk ranking by a Trileaf environmental professional.

RiskCheck Basic Cost: $225
Delivery: 1-2 business days

Note: Many other services are available from Trileaf including but not limited to Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA), Property Condition Assessment (PCA), Asbestos Inspection, Lead Paint Assessment, and Indoor Air Quality and Mold Evaluation.

How to Order

For ordering and inquiries please contact: Howard Horwitz at 1-800-652-5552 or order online.

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Why are you still ordering reports from a database company?

  • Trileaf is less expensive — typically by 25%.
  • Trileaf is faster — standard turnaround is 2 days less than all others.
  • Trileaf is more consistent — instead of contracting professional opinions out to dozens of different companies like others do, Trileaf's highly trained in-house employees complete all of their own reports.
  • Trileaf is more personal — have you ever tried to call the professional that wrote your database company's report? You can't. On Trileaf's report, the professional signs their name to their report, right next to their phone number. Please call us any time you need help or have questions on your site.
SBA Requires… RiskCheck Plus Provides…
Search of government databases
identified in the EPA's AAI rule (40 CFR 312.26)
RiskCheck Plus searches national databases of environmental records, meeting each of the search radius and data currency requirements stipulated by the EPA.
Search of historical-use records
Pertaining to the property and adjoining properties.
RiskCheck Plus includes findings from the Sanborn Library, which is the largest and most complete repository of historical fire insurance maps, plus city directory historical search results at five year intervals.
Risk assessment
Performed by a qualified environmental professional (EP), based on the results of the records search, concluding whether the property is at high risk or low risk for contamination.
RiskCheck Plus includes a risk review by an AAI-qualified EP. After reviewing the current and historical report components, the EP determines the risk level and provides explanatory comments.