UST Investigation

UST Investigation

Owners and operators of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) have numerous obligations closely regulated by State or Federal regulatory authorities. Furthermore, removal/closure of USTs is likely required if removed from service for more than one year.

Trileaf has performed numerous UST closures throughout the Midwest states. Trileaf has experience in negotiating with many different regulatory agencies from the local, state and federal level for UST closure. Trileaf has demonstrated the ability to successfully navigate regulatory requirements while maintaining budgetary and scheduling requirements.

Site Investigation and Risk Assessment

Regardless of how carefully operated and maintained an Underground Storage Tank (UST) system has been, occasionally a release may occur. Each state has developed a Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) program assess the site and determine the risk it poses to human health and the environment. Nearly all regulatory agencies have requirements for education and certification of the persons performing the investigations to ensure a baseline of quality and accountability for the investigations.

State regulatory agencies have specific requirements for the locations and number of sampling points. Several states have developed computer software for developing and defining the risk posed by the site. The collected site data is inputted into the computer software for development of the risk.

Once the risk posed by the release has been determined, negotiations with the regulatory agency are held to determine what must be done with the site to mitigate or reduce the risk posed to human health and the environment.

Trileaf has completed more than 300 UST investigations in more than 20 states. These facilities ranged from small, family owned businesses to large, nationally known companies. Trileaf has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to meet the budgetary and scheduling requirements.

Corrective Action Design Remediation

Many Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites require corrective action (remediation) in order to receive a No Further Action (NFA) certificate from the regulatory agency. The NFA certificate provides the proof that the site has been remediated and that impacts at the site do not pose a significant threat to human health or the environment. Receipt of the NFA certificate symbolizes the removal of the site from the LUST list maintained by the regulatory agency.

UST Remediation

The Process of remediation at the site requires an evaluation of the site data collected during the investigation and rick determination along with site specific information regarding geology, hydrology, site use and other factors. Trileaf has installed and operated numerous remediation systems including enhanced natural attenuation utilizing an oxygen delivery system; air sparge soil vapor extraction systems, high vacuum extraction, bioventing and excavation.

Trileaf’s experience with UST sites is a critical ingredient in helping our clients comply with all of their legal obligations, reduce their total out of pocket expenses, and move their site quickly to a “no further action” status.